Celebrity Trainer Jon Paul Crimi shares his exclusive insider secrets on how he gets Matthew Perry and David Arquette into movie-shape!

In four short months Jon Paul has gotten me into the best shape I have ever been in my life. Not only am I stronger but he somehow seamlessly changed my diet creating a healthy lifestyle and a new found ability to remove my shirt at various public swimming pools around the greater Los Angeles area. J.P.’s sense of humor and spiritual guidance are only matched by how ridiculously bald he is. ~ Matthew Perry

As you probably realize working on a tv show like “The Office” demands that I stay in peak physical condition twenty-four seven. I could get the green light to do a nude scene at any time. So with that in mind I hired Jon Paul to take my training to that next level. Level one. In all seriousness, Jon Paul is a phenomenal trainer and is great to work with. Best of all he makes the workout fun. Well, as fun as a workout can be, I mean it is working out, after all. ~ Oscar Nuñez

Jon Paul is so much fun to work out with and a great motivator. I actually looked forward to working out! I was really pleased with my success with his training program and just found him to be an all-around super-cool-super-fun guy. I can’t recommend him more highly. A tough workout with great results and a lot of laughs!
~ Kerry O’Malley