The Greatest Yoga Mat Ever Made

I have a deep dark secret…I love shopping online and getting deliveries at my house. It’s like a year round Christmas surprise wrapped in a brown cardboard box. Also, I have a terrible memory and I completely forget that I ordered something until I see that cardboard present waiting outside my door. So it’s kind of like someone else is buying me presents…until the bill comes.

When I first pulled the Vernice Vita Cadillac Yoga Mat from the box I was a little shocked by how light it is. I’ve been using the Manduka mat for the last 10 years and it’s quite heavy. I unrolled it and laid down on it. I was really impressed by how it felt but I tend to get excited about new things so I wanted to put it through the paces first. Well, it didn’t take long before my wife who is five months pregnant came in and laid down on it.

Wifey: “Oh babe this is nice, I could sleep on this!”

Me: “Well, you are half Japanese -you like to sleep on the floor.

Wifey: “Babe, will you please stretch me? Just a little? I am carrying your baby you know.

Me: “The jury’s still out on that.

(She’s really working this baby angle but I decided to stretch her regardless.)

Anyway, right away I noticed how much better it felt on my knees. Bamm! that’s all I needed to love this mat. Stretching clients a few hours everyday and my knees tend to hurt at the end of the day.


I used this mat in David Elliot’s two day level 1 Breathwork Teacher training at The Hub Yoga studio in West LA. Sitting on mats and blankets on hardwood for eight hours straight and I was so glad that I had this mat. A few people were envious…well, as envious as spiritual seekers will allow themselves to be..

My only complaint about this mat is that it’s just a tad short when I’m lying on my back my heals hang off which is really me being picky. I’m 5’10 so If you’re my height or taller I recommend getting the longer version they make.

I could go on forever about how awesome this mat is but you shouldn’t take my word for it. Instead you should get one and check it out yourself.

I asked the Vernice Vita company if we could do some type of discount offer and they said yes!! You can get $10 off any mat they sell.

Hey, $10 is two lattes at Starbucks or one kick ass burrito my friends.

Here’s the discount link: Venice Vita Cadillac Yoga Mat

and here’s a silly video of me, the mat, and my dogs.