It’s New Year’s day 2014 and I’ve been fasting all day. Absolutely not one single thing to eat except green tea and lemon water. I just did a very long guided Breath Work meditation session and had a very powerful spiritual experience…I know all that sounds really weird right? I understand. A much younger version of myself would give me a wedgie and a bitch slap if he knew I was writing this let alone putting it out there for the world to read. I’m really hoping this isn’t just some weird Jerry Maquire moment…

I’ve spent the last few years on a strange and wonderful spiritual journey. It’s not something I planned or even really wanted in my life and to go into detail would take way too long for this post. To be completely honest I’ve been somewhat embarrassed to talk about it. Usually I think that other peoples opinions of me are really none of my business and I live my life the way I see best without regard to how anyone else feels about it, but even I can’t help but feel slightly shy when I use the word spirituality…

Last night I was hired to take a good size group of people through a guided Breath Work class at a New Years eve party. While there I couldn’t help but realize this strange and beautiful direction my business and life has taken. How did I become someone that helps people unblock stuck emotions, access their hearts, and find gratitude in their lives?

One of the first things I had to do was let go of my own preconceived ideas of what my life is supposed to look like and who I think I’m supposed to be. Then I just went with what feels right in my heart. I surrendered to the the idea that I’m just going to help people. As many people as I can, everyday and every way that I can…and then see what happens…see what comes in to my life. Trust that the universe has my back and that I’ll be taken care of…and so here I am…I am.

The other thing I did was open myself up to new experiences. Things I thought were completely silly or didn’t believe in and amazing things happened. My suggestion for you is to try something new this year. Something you would never think you would do or don’t really know anything about and just see what happens. I’d love for you to come try one of my classes. I could try and explain what will happen to you for days in just one short class or session and it still wouldn’t even scratch the surface. You really just have to come see for yourself.


Sundays 4:00pm at my private studio in West Hills Ca, 91307 email me at jpcrimi@yahoo.com for more details or to make a reservation

Wednesday 7:30pm at “The Moving Joint” on 12813 Venice Blvd.(At Beethoven) Free parking all around

Private sessions available by appointment.

Please email me with any questions at jpcrimi@yahoo.com