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David Arquette

Matthew Perry

In four short months Jon Paul has gotten me into the best shape I have ever been in my life. Not only am I stronger but he somehow seamlessly changed my diet creating a healthy lifestyle and a new found ability to remove my shirt at various public swimming pools around the greater Los Angeles area. J.P.’s sense of humor and spiritual guidance are only matched by how ridiculously bald he is.


Stephanie Layne Kirkland

I had been training for years, but felt that I had hit a plateau. Jon Paul really helped me by streamlining my workout and integrating a gluten free diet. By making the easy recipes Jon Paul showed me, I lost ten pounds and felt more energy. Best of all, I no longer need the chiropractor because my joints don’t bother me anymore. Gluten free german pancakes? Sign me up. Thanks, Jon Paul!


John Feldman – Music Producer

Jon Paul travelled with me on two world tours and did an amazing job of training, stretching, and keeping me motivated in the most challenging circumstances and environments. I can’t recommend him enough.

~ John Feldman  -  Music Producer & Singer / Guitarist for Goldfinger


Adam Topol – Drummer

When I am in a fitness rut, Jon Paul is the ideal trainer.  Sessions are light and enjoyable, yet I am able to get a thorough work out.  He is an ideal personal trainer for anyone who wishes to maintain or improve their physical fitness.

~ Adam Topol, Drummer  -   Jack Johnson & Culver City Dub Collective

Tom Sullivan

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer who really knows his way around the gym, Jon Paul is your guy. I was never much of a “gym person”, but training with JP was the kick start I needed to get into shape . Jon Paul is extremely passionate when it come to fitness, nutrition and healthy living, plus he makes every workout fun.  Even now that I’m working out on my own, most of the routines, techniques and workouts I still do in the gym I learned during the year I spent training with Jon Paul.


Ann Cook

My husband gave me training sessions with Jon Paul as a gift. I was overweight, out of shape, suffering from lower back pain and fatigue.  Within a few months of working out with Jon Paul I lost weight, built muscle mass, became strong, toned and pain free. What a gift Jon Paul was! He made working out fun and helped me attain a body that I enjoy being present in.


Tom Zanic

If you want to be in the best shape you have ever experienced, Jon Paul can help you. If you want to reverse the natural aging process, Jon Paul can help you. I have worked with Jon Paul to build strength and muscle, to increase flexibility and to feel better than when I was half the age.


Alison Palevsky

I trained with JonPaul throughout my entire pregnancy and continue to train with him because he keeps me motivated to commit to my exercise program.   His expertise in pre and post natal helped me keep my body strong and toned which was essential to controlling my weight during and after the pregnancy.  While I was pregnant, he focused on strengthening areas of the body that would help avoid lower back pain while increasing my flexibility simultaneously.  As a result, I was able to lose the baby weight very quickly after my son was born.  I highly recommend working with JonPaul.