Kevin Brown – Actor / Musician

John Paul was a lifesaver in helping me stretch and train for our summer tour. Back-to-back shows and long sets made me tight and off-balance as a drummer. John Paul showed me correct techniques and stretches to find balance again and strengthen my core. His training is personalized and focuses on your goals and needs. 90 minute to 2 hour sets with no break are easy now…I play stronger and more relaxed. Highly recommended!


JoAnne Yokota

Jon Paul has really helped me realize my goals to lose weight and get stronger. Over the first 9 months of training and dieting I went from 35% body fat to 20%. This was a great accomplishment for me. I couldn’t even run a few yards, and now I can run for 4 miles. It is always fun with Jon Paul, and he was very careful to work with all my body issues. It has been two years and he is still pushing me to accomplish new goals.


William Halby

The best part about training with JP is that he makes it fun! He is an amazing trainer AND a tremendous person to be around. If you are someone who does not like to work out or is intimidated by the gym, you will love training with JP. He will get you in the best shape of your life and have you laughing the whole time. I could not recommend him more.


Lisa O’Malley

I worked out with Jon Paul throughout my first pregnancy and felt it helped me tremendously.  I had more energy most of the time, I gained the right amount of weight, my labor was short, and I was able to lose my pregnancy weight quickly after having my baby.  I enjoyed the results so much that I am now working out with Jon Paul once again during my second pregnancy. People often comment on how good I look and that I am all baby.  I feel great and I am confident exercising with a trainer who is pre and post natal certified.


Franchot Tone

Jon Paul helped me achieve my fitness goals and lose a considerable amount of excess body fat. He was a great motivator and made my workouts fun.


Michael Q. Webber

Just the numbers. I’m 43 and had never worked out. In 7 months with Jon Paul I lost 28lbs, gained 11lbs of muscle mass, went from a 35 to a 30 waist and changed my body/fat ratio from 17.5 to 12.5. His use of active conditioning and weight training has given me flexibility and a whole new body frame. All the while keeping the laughs coming! I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Alex de Krassel

I am not a person who normally enjoys working out, however training with Jon Paul changed that. Mind you, I also have alot of physical limitations and handicaps, so finding a trainer with the patience to work with my disabilities and also get me in shape without causing me more physical pain seemed impossible. JP did just that, and now post-baby and 40, I am in better shape then I was in my early thirties! Thank you!


Carol Whitley

I loved spinning and yoga but had developed a chronic injury that kept getting worse. The injury was becoming a barrier to engaging in the sports I loved. Jon Paul helped me figure out the source of the injury and then helped me strengthen my structure so that I could go back to the activities that I love. JonPaul knows how to focus on what is important and gets results quickly. I got results in 3 months.


Abhilash Patel

Training with JP was more than just exercise. I wouldn’t come back for just exercise. With Jon Paul I get an enthusiastic coach, a knowledgeable nutritionist, and a trusted advisor – any one of which would be worth the price alone. But above all, I feel as though I’ve come to know a good & sincere friend, and that’s what brings me back.


Mike Ralls

A year before my wedding day, I landed a desk job that put on 30lbs of saturated fat on my body in all the wrong places. Without Jon Paul’s entertaining motivation, knowledge of nutrition, and constantly different workouts, I would have NEVER made it to the gym, and now I Iook good! Almost enough to make my new wife jealous!