Episode 1 – Amanda

Jon Paul teaches Amanda how to make his grandfather’s tomato balsamic salad while they discuss how she overcame an eating disorder and became a Holistic Chef. Amanda, who’s too eager towards the guys she likes, is advised by Jon Paul to be less available and to stop paying attention to the guys she doesn’t like.


Episode 2 - Brennen

Brennan has a fast-paced lifestyle, so Jon Paul shows her how to make gluten-free mini quiches that she can warm and eat in a few short minutes in the morning. Ironically, Brennan also moves way too fast in relationships. Jon Paul suggests slowing down the intimacy and getting to know the person.


Episode 3 - Chris

Chris learns how to bake Jon Paul’s 100% organic, gluten-free German pancakes while learning from Jon Paul how to end relationships without just disappearing and leaving women wondering what happened.

Episode 4 - Liz

Jon Paul teaches Liz how to quickly throw together a simple and tasty pot roast without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. He also gives her tips for how to deal with pre-wedding jitters and planning for the changes that come with marriage.

A few years ago, I found myself getting sick time and again. After a chance meeting with a doctor who melds Western and Alternative Medicine, she advised becoming “Gluten-Free” to help strengthen my immune system. I followed her suggestion and I was blown away by the results. Almost instantly I had more energy and mental clarity. I lost body fat and gained lean muscle (and I was already in great shape). When my Doctor and I studied my blood work one year later, every single aspect of my health had improved – the proof was right there in black and white! That was the turning point for me. I became convinced that maintaining a gluten free diet is the superior way to eat. Whether you’re gluten sensitive or simply trying to lose weight and feel better, gluten-free is a great alternative. Of course, eating gluten-free foods is a choice and something I only suggest to my clients. The best diet plan is always the one you will follow diligently, and that’s usually different for everybody. People often ask me what is Gluten? Or what is a Gluten-Free diet?  Well, Wikipedia does a much better job of explaining then I do,  so click here.


From his personal experience with going gluten free to save his health, Jon Paul is a perfect champion for the gluten-free lifestyle. I am thrilled that he is getting the word out about the unhealthy effects of gluten and offering good, sound, practical advice on gluten-free living. He is a great resource for gluten-free eating and exercise. And best of all, he makes it fun.