The focus of prenatal training is to prepare you for the big day and for the following recovery.  In addition to the obvious weight gain there are also hormonal differences that change the way women can work out before and after giving birth. It is important to work with somebody that knows what to focus on and what to avoid.Using a combination of various training methods and modifications based on the mom to be’s fitness level and where she is in her pregnancy we will work together to prepare you physically for both the birthing process and the days/weeks/months that follow. Many moms and moms to be struggle with back pain, however, during our sessions we will strengthen your muscles, perfect your posture and teach you how to pick your baby up in a safe manner so you can avoid those aches and pains.

For women who have already given birth we will focus on regaining any lost strength, raising your energy levels and making you more comfortable with your body. Being a mom is hard enough, there is no reason you should have to train alone.

Prenatal Benefits

Prevents or reduces the risk of labor complications
Reduces your chance of needing a C-section
Prevents and treats pregnancy-induced diabetes
Reduces chance of birth defects
Improves your endurance, muscle control for a faster, easier, and less painful labor.

Postpartum Benefits

Minimizes stretch marks
Minimizes postpartum blues or depression
Improves your child’s mental and physical development
Helps you get back into shape easier, faster, more safely
Allows faster recovery from pregnancy and labor
Gives you time to yourself

Alison Palevsky

I trained with JonPaul throughout my entire pregnancy and continue to train with him because he keeps me motivated to commit to my exercise program.   His expertise in pre and post natal helped me keep my body strong and toned which was essential to controlling my weight during and after the pregnancy.  While I was pregnant, he focused on strengthening areas of the body that would help avoid lower back pain while increasing my flexibility simultaneously.  As a result, I was able to lose the baby weight very quickly after my son was born.  I highly recommend working with JonPaul.

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Lisa O’Malley

I worked out with Jon Paul throughout my first pregnancy and felt it helped me tremendously.  I had more energy most of the time, I gained the right amount of weight, my labor was short, and I was able to lose my pregnancy weight quickly after having my baby.  I enjoyed the results so much that I am now working out with Jon Paul once again during my second pregnancy. People often comment on how good I look and that I am all baby.  I feel great and I am confident exercising with a trainer who is pre and post natal certified. And, as an added bonus, Jon Paul makes working out fun and innovative.