Breath Work – Might Just Be The Easiest And Most Effective Meditation You’ll Ever Try


Come take a Breath Work class on wednesday nights at The Moving Joint 12813 Venice Blvd. (at Beethoven) Mar Vista CA 90066 at 7:00 pm
There’s free parking out back and street parking is free in front and on Moore and Beethoven.

What is Breath Work and why do I need it?

Breath work is an active meditation that is very simple and will transform your life in a very short amount of time. It’s a big statement, I know, but I believe it to be one hundred percent true.

In today’s stressed out society, if there is anyone who doubts the benefits of having a meditation practice, all the evidence is right there. We all need meditation for some reason or another. In my own personal journey I struggled for a long time to find a way to meditate that worked for me.

I’m a big believer in Mind, Body, and Spirit. The physical aspect, I’ve handled for quite some time as I’ve been in the fitness industry for over twenty years now. The rest has been another story.

I’ve tried so many ways to meditate and quiet my mind that I’ve lost count; I’ve sat on a pillow in the Buddhist Center while trying to quiet my mind but I could never block out the noise of my own mind…“My back is killing me…I think my bottom leg is asleep…how are all these people doing this?

You get my point.

Once I discovered breath work it was an instant game changer. It’s easy to learn and practice on your own (although I like to breathe with a class at least once a week because the experience is heightened when done in a group and guided by an instructor).

I think one of the reasons breath work is so effective is because it’s active meditation. In other words, you breathe actively with a three-part breath for a certain length of time yet you do this LYING DOWN which really allows you to focus on the breath and not have to worry about your posture or body.

When we learn to breathe in a new way, we learn to manage our emotions and our mind and that’s no small thing. Medical science has proven that deep diaphragmatic breathing helps woman in labor manage the extreme pain and emotions of childbirth so why would we not want to learn to use this in our everyday lives? It seems like a no brainer yet here we are walking around on autopilot, breathing shallow, day in and day out.

In addition to the breath work session, at the end I will guide the class through a gratitude meditation known as an emotional flood, taught to me by Tony Robbins. It is a surefire way for you to leave with a massive smile on your face.

“The bottom line is breath is the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to increase your awareness and connect with the energy of the universe.” ~ David Elliot author of The Reluctant Healer and Healing.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~ Tony Robbins







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