How to Remove Fear, Stress, and Anxiety in Less than 30 Minutes

I was sitting in a business meeting when I got a text that read “Explosion at the Boston Marathon!”

I tried to shrug it off as if maybe it was a small and insignificant event like a maybe a telephone pole transformer blew up. Maybe this person is just being dramatic…

Then another text came in… “Two Bombs went off at the Boston Marathon”

I let out a small gasp of air and felt my chest tighten and didn’t breath at all. Instantly I remembered seeing my cousin’s facebook posts that morning of her and her husband dressed in running gear with numbers proudly displayed on their chests. And even worse; photos of their kids holding up signs to cheer them on. Holy shit!

Then I noticed that I hadn’t taken a breath in what was probably a short time but felt like an eternity.

That’s what fear does. It steals your breath and you don’t even realize it.

When I tell people I teach a “Breath Work” class what usually follows is a sarcastic response; “I already know how to breathe!” and then I fight back my own sarcastic urge which sounds like, “Not if I put you in a choke hold!”

I understand the confusion and resistance to the unknown. I always tell my clients and friends “There’s no growth in the comfort zone.” The simple and honest fact is that it’s imposible to go through life without having some difficult moments.

Bad things happen to even the best of people.

So how do we process and deal with these moments? Most of us don’t. We blow them off, stuff them down, and pretend that they didn’t happen or they don’t affect us as much as they really do.

WE GET STUCK. The bad moments can stay with us and sometimes come out sideways. I don’t know why I reacted to that situation like that…sound familiar?

Breath Work is the most effective tool I’ve ever found to get unstuck, become happier and unlock my full potential.

I invite you to come and have a new experience in your life…

WEDNESDAYS –  7:00pm @ The Moving Joint 12813 Venice Blvd. (at Beethoven) Mar Vista, CA 90066

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s effective AND you do it all lying down with your eyes closed…How hard can that be?


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