Gym In A Bag

It’s pretty much exactly what the title says. “Gym in A Bag”
This is a great alternative to getting a gym membership especially if you live somewhere with great weather, have a spare room or maybe this is the motivation you finally needed to clean out the garage.
It used to be that you had to go into a gym to get a good workout but that’s just not the case anymore. People are doing more functional total body exercises because they can burn more calories than the old fashion weight machine workout.
What most people don’t realize is that machines were created by bodybuilders in the fifties and sixties to isolate certain muscle groups and build esthetic muscle (Looks good but doesn’t really do much). In reality, your body doesn’t move and function in isolation -it uses a bunch of different muscle groups at once.
I started out lifting weights in a gym too. I looked and felt super strong (in the gym) but I could barely lift a TV set up the stairs. WHY?…because I had never worked my arms while using my chest, legs, arms and core all at the same time. I looked great but I was functionally weak. Almost all the pieces you see in this video incorporate the entire body or at least several muscle group. This forces you to burn more calories and be functionally strong. Oh yeah…and looking great is a by-product of it.

Equipment list:
Battle Rope-I use a blue 1.5 inch economy rope in the video.
Slam Ball, Mat, Sandbag, Resistance bands, And Large Carry Bag was actually bought at Army & Navy Surplus store.
There’s a lot of other great equipment you can add that I don’t show in the video. Such as a Jump Rope, Agility ladder, Dyno Disks, Foam Roller, etc etc.
Don’t be afraid to email me with any questions you might have.
All the equipment can be found by clicking on the Perform Better picture below:

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